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Making it up as I go along

Last weekend I had a little trip to the big John Lewis at Cribbs Causeway near Bristol, and treated myself to a few new yarns for making Christmas presents and various other bits and pieces.

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been trying out new shapes and ideas lately to try to expand my repertoire a little… So I thought it would be good to try out some of my new yarn (Debbie Bliss Eco Baby Cotton) with a bit of free form monster making…

When I told my other half what I was doing, he said it ought to have stripes, three legs, one floppy ear and one normal, one arm longer than the other and tufty hair on the top. And that’s exactly what I’ve done – he was brilliant fun to make and due to his wonky nature, he’s been christened The Wonkatron.




Feeling blue

With the Gruffalo finished (see previous post), I was ready for a bit of light relief. With all the things I’ve been commissioned to make, I’ve learnt that I much prefer making up my own little characters to recreating existing ones. So this weekend, I had a little break from completing commissions (with apologies to those who are still waiting for theirs!) to just do something whimsical of my own.

And I’m glad I did. I powered through it in one day and really enjoyed it. I’ve got a bit of enthusiasm back. So, here is my little person dressed up as a little blue bear (with Japanese style fabric detailing):





Finished! What’s next?

Tonight I finished off my latest commission – two gifts for two sisters. The idea was to use different colours than my usual shades and I think the two coordinate quite nicely with purples, marines and turquoise in various shades.


As I blogged earlier this week, I used Schoeller and Stahl Record 210 cotton rather than my usual Rico Creative Cotton. But I found quite a big difference between the shades – the purple was smooth and soft to handle, but the turquoise felt stiffer and less smooth and was somehow less flexible. I’ve never experienced such a big difference between shades of one type of yarn, but it was still manageable and I love the colours. I’m definitely going to order some more of it in a few other colours.


I have three more commissions currently on my list – all of which will be new designs in some form or other, so I’m looking forward to getting stuck into those – there’s something hugely satisfying about creating something completely from scratch, something unique – a real one-off. I also have a project to complete by the end of the month for a magazine – my first published pattern – so some serious time needs to be set aside for perfecting that too. Plenty to keep me busy…


Purple rabbit gets a friend…

Last night I got started on the second half of my current commission – a little dinosaur child to go with the purple bunny I finished yesterday.

I’m doing it in vaguely coordinated colours so that they look like they belong together. And I’m using Schoeller and Stahl cotton again. I really love the colours and the way the shades have very slight variation within them… it’s very subtle but makes for a softer and more delicate look I think.

When it comes to making the body over the next couple of days, I want to find some way to embellish it with fabric a bit rather than just crochet all the way. Maybe it’ll end up being a spotty dinosaur outfit? We’ll see.




One bunny down, one dino-child to go…

It’s a beautiful sunny day today (a rare occurrence in a British summer these days) but we promised ourselves a lazy day at home today and that’s what we’ve had. With all the windows and skylights open, sun and fresh air streaming in, I have spent most of my day crocheting (while my other half baked raspberry and white chocolate cookies). It’s been really lovely.

And with all this time on my hands, I have managed to finish my latest bunny person:




This is just one half of a two-part commission (gifts for two little ones) and I’m about to start on the second creation. I’ll post a preview when it begins to take shape…

Dino-boy: Slow and steady progress

Today has been quite a long day in the office doing my day job as a journalist. It has been a quiet weekend news-wise, with everyone out and about enjoying the sunny weather, but when you’re putting a newspaper out, no news is bad news.

Still, I’ve had a couple of hours for crochet this evening and have given my dino-boy a body (but no limbs as yet):


All being well, my order of quilt fabric should arrive tomorrow – and I’m really excited about it. But I will resist the urge to start doing anything with it until my crochet projects are done… Well, I’ll try.

Dino-boy and his little friendosaurus

Well, Macho Man Randy Savage went off to his new home yesterday (and caused a few smiles in the office when I handed him over), so now it’s on to the next project.

I’ve been asked to make some brightly coloured dinosaur type characters for a friend of mine as a gift for her nephew. I’m working this weekend so time for crochet is scarce, but I have managed to make a start. The idea is to have a little boy in a dinosaur costume, with a little dinosaur friend. I have made both their heads so far, and am loving working with such bright and cheerful colours:





In other news, I have given in to temptation and ordered some fabrics for making a very simple patchwork quilt. The fabrics have all been very carefully chosen – and I shall write more about that when they arrive.

The quilt will only be a temporary diversion – I’ve had two additional commissions this week for new and interesting crochet projects, so the hook won’t be put down for long.

Bunnies, wrestlers and dinosaurs

This week I’m on holiday from work and enjoying having lots of time to crochet. I’m working my way through my list of commissions, writing up patterns, planning new designs and stocking up on supplies.

I’m currently working on another personalised bunny rabbit, and once he is complete and on his way to a new home, I’ve got a totally different project to take on. One of the guys I work with has asked if I can crochet a wrestler for his nephew’s birthday. He sent me three pictures and I chose the one I thought I could do best – which happened to be Macho Man Randy Savage. I can’t wait to give it a go. The way I see it, creating these little crochet characters is like drawing a picture or sketching a caricature and colouring it in… except it’s 3D and uses yarn instead of pencils and paints. Once things are broken down into simple shapes and exaggerated signature features, putting together a design is pretty simple. All it takes is imagination. I am looking forward to giving the wrestler a go – it’s definitely going to be fun.

Following Randy Savage, my next commission is on a dinosaur theme, in bright colours, involving a couple of characters. I can’t wait to get on to that one too – I’ve got some perfect bright colours and a pretty clear design in my head too.

But before I get on to those, I have unfinished bunny business. Here’s where I’m up to (I’m getting quicker at these – and the pattern is fully ingrained on my brain now!):