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Making it up as I go along

Last weekend I had a little trip to the big John Lewis at Cribbs Causeway near Bristol, and treated myself to a few new yarns for making Christmas presents and various other bits and pieces.

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been trying out new shapes and ideas lately to try to expand my repertoire a little… So I thought it would be good to try out some of my new yarn (Debbie Bliss Eco Baby Cotton) with a bit of free form monster making…

When I told my other half what I was doing, he said it ought to have stripes, three legs, one floppy ear and one normal, one arm longer than the other and tufty hair on the top. And that’s exactly what I’ve done – he was brilliant fun to make and due to his wonky nature, he’s been christened The Wonkatron.




A new twist on an old classic.. Red rabbit

A good few months ago I made a couple of red bunny rabbits as commissions for friends at work.


So when another friend in the office asked for a similar red rabbit, I was quite pleased to go back to an old favourite. But as I’ve got a bit better at crochet and how to create different shapes, I’ve modified the design a bit. I wanted to try different ears with a less flat design, and also a body and legs that are a bit more flexible. I wasn’t 100% sure it would work, but this one actually sits up on its own (with a little bit of help from the little bobtail stitched on the back of it).

I’ll be getting the pattern for this one typed up and on to Etsy soon (I have signed up but not yet found time to upload any patterns), so watch this space if you fancy making your own.




Finished! What’s next?

Tonight I finished off my latest commission – two gifts for two sisters. The idea was to use different colours than my usual shades and I think the two coordinate quite nicely with purples, marines and turquoise in various shades.


As I blogged earlier this week, I used Schoeller and Stahl Record 210 cotton rather than my usual Rico Creative Cotton. But I found quite a big difference between the shades – the purple was smooth and soft to handle, but the turquoise felt stiffer and less smooth and was somehow less flexible. I’ve never experienced such a big difference between shades of one type of yarn, but it was still manageable and I love the colours. I’m definitely going to order some more of it in a few other colours.


I have three more commissions currently on my list – all of which will be new designs in some form or other, so I’m looking forward to getting stuck into those – there’s something hugely satisfying about creating something completely from scratch, something unique – a real one-off. I also have a project to complete by the end of the month for a magazine – my first published pattern – so some serious time needs to be set aside for perfecting that too. Plenty to keep me busy…


Purple rabbit gets a friend…

Last night I got started on the second half of my current commission – a little dinosaur child to go with the purple bunny I finished yesterday.

I’m doing it in vaguely coordinated colours so that they look like they belong together. And I’m using Schoeller and Stahl cotton again. I really love the colours and the way the shades have very slight variation within them… it’s very subtle but makes for a softer and more delicate look I think.

When it comes to making the body over the next couple of days, I want to find some way to embellish it with fabric a bit rather than just crochet all the way. Maybe it’ll end up being a spotty dinosaur outfit? We’ll see.




One bunny down, one dino-child to go…

It’s a beautiful sunny day today (a rare occurrence in a British summer these days) but we promised ourselves a lazy day at home today and that’s what we’ve had. With all the windows and skylights open, sun and fresh air streaming in, I have spent most of my day crocheting (while my other half baked raspberry and white chocolate cookies). It’s been really lovely.

And with all this time on my hands, I have managed to finish my latest bunny person:




This is just one half of a two-part commission (gifts for two little ones) and I’m about to start on the second creation. I’ll post a preview when it begins to take shape…