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Purple rabbit gets a friend…

Last night I got started on the second half of my current commission – a little dinosaur child to go with the purple bunny I finished yesterday.

I’m doing it in vaguely coordinated colours so that they look like they belong together. And I’m using Schoeller and Stahl cotton again. I really love the colours and the way the shades have very slight variation within them… it’s very subtle but makes for a softer and more delicate look I think.

When it comes to making the body over the next couple of days, I want to find some way to embellish it with fabric a bit rather than just crochet all the way. Maybe it’ll end up being a spotty dinosaur outfit? We’ll see.





Another little fella completed – dino-boy

Every crafter has that moment – you’re working on a project in the evening, you’re fairly close to finishing it but you know you should probably stop and go to bed and do it another time…

So of course, you stay up and finish it.

That happened to me tonight with dino-boy. And I’m glad I pressed on and finished him, because I like him a lot!

My other half is working nights, so crochet has kept me occupied in his absence. And as you can see from the photos, I’ve left a certain little someone sitting on the sofa awaiting his return.



And now, it definitely is time for bed.

Dino-boy: Slow and steady progress

Today has been quite a long day in the office doing my day job as a journalist. It has been a quiet weekend news-wise, with everyone out and about enjoying the sunny weather, but when you’re putting a newspaper out, no news is bad news.

Still, I’ve had a couple of hours for crochet this evening and have given my dino-boy a body (but no limbs as yet):


All being well, my order of quilt fabric should arrive tomorrow – and I’m really excited about it. But I will resist the urge to start doing anything with it until my crochet projects are done… Well, I’ll try.