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Very long time, no blog

Well, it’s been a year since I last said ‘I haven’t posted here for ages, I should definitely start again’ and then totally failed to do so.  My excuse is that last year became something of a crazy year…  shortly after my new blogging resolution, I started an exciting new job (with a 90-minute commute), then my boyfriend proposed and we had a mad few weeks of wedding planning before he left in March for four months serving in Afghanistan.

He duly came back in one piece after four eventful months, and we got married three weeks later.  Shortly after that we moved into a married quarter (eliminating the massive commute), adopted some kittens, made our new house into a home and went to New York for a Christmas honeymoon.  That brings us almost up to now, and the revelation that yes, like I said a year ago, I really should start blogging again.

2015, thankfully, looks set to be a far less eventful year than the last one, and with more time to devote to messing about with yarn, I genuinely do want to start keeping the blog up to date again.

Since last January, there have been many crochet projects (most of which were wedding related), and a few knitting ones too (mostly because I was sick of crochet after all the wedding projects), which I will probably post about in the coming days and weeks.

But for now, here are my current works in progress:


A doll I started making to cheer myself up while recovering from the flu


A herringbone knitted cowl using yarn from Purl Soho, NYC.


A pair of wrist warmers, again using a pattern and yarn from Purl Soho, NYC.  I started making the second one after this picture was taken, only to have it unravelled by two cheeky kittens…

Three works in progress is too many, so my next job is to get one of them, any of them, finished.  Before the kittens can get to them, that is.

New year, new projects

It’s been almost two months since I updated my blog – but one of my new year’s resolutions is to get back into updating regularly and finding some new crafty blogs to follow.

Lots has happened in two months.  I’ve worked hard, run lots, got a new job (which I start in three weeks’ time), had a lovely Christmas and most importantly for this post, done LOTS of crochet.

Here’s a round-up:

A bear hood from Simply Crochet magazine:


A shawl for my grandma for Christmas, using an Erika Knight pattern…


Someone commissioned me to make a giraffe…


And I had a go at making my first proper doll, red riding hood style…


Closely followed by a better doll, with better hair and clothes…


At the same time, I was making a cowl from Inside Crochet magazine using Malabrigo yarn…


And now I’m making the unicorn from the film Despicable Me – another commission, halfway through…


A new commission: Hello Kitty

There hasn’t been much time for crochet lately, unfortunately. But I thought I’d post a little update on my latest commission. I was asked a while ago to make a Hello Kitty – and I’ve finally got around to starting it. It lends itself well to amigurumi and I’m looking forward to making a cute little dress and of course, her trademark red bow.


And yes – those are my space themed pyjamas in the background. Super cool.

Darren’s commission: finished

It’s been a good week or so since I last blogged. Work has kept me pretty busy but I also ran my first 10k race and have been quietly getting on with the little toys I’ve been making for my late friend Darren’s niece and nephew. I just put the final touches to them last night, so will be sending them off to their new home very soon. It’s taken me a while but I’m happy with them… and I have a few new commissions to move on to next.

Here are the finished little creatures, in progress and finished:








A special commission

If you’ve read my blog before, you’ll know that in August my friend and colleague Darren sadly passed away. When I first started making my little crochet creatures a few months before he died, he asked me to make some personalised toys for his niece and nephew so that he could give them as Christmas presents. He reminded me about it all the time – and made me write down the spellings of their names so I didn’t get them wrong.

Obviously, I wanted to still make them, even though Darren isn’t here to double check my spelling or remind me to do them before I make anything for anyone else!

I’ve just finished the first one and both will be going to his family when they’re finished.



Once these are safely sent to their new home, I have a few commissions waiting for me – more characters from TV and books to follow on from Octonauts and Gruffalo. It’s a good job I like a challenge…

Works in progress…

When I first got into crochet, I always did one project at a time, start to finish, before moving on to the next one. I used to wonder how people managed with two, three, four or more projects on the go at once. But now I’ve found out – because I do it myself. There are different types of crochet for different moods, and I’ve got into the habit of having three different makes on the go at once. Repetitive and large projects are good for when I’m tired or watching TV or even reading at the same time. Little amigurumi toys and creatures are good for when I’m concentrating more and feeling imaginative. And then there are in between things too.

I just finished a granny square blanket which has now gone to its new home, where it’s keeping a lovely little baby boy warm and snuggly. I missed having something relaxing and repetitive to work on straight away so have started a triangular scarf in Rowan Fine Lace yarn. I’m following a pattern for once – from Erica Knight’s Crochet Workshop book – and now I’m into it, it’s lovely to work on. It was fiddly at first but I’ve got the hang of it now:


A few days ago I also picked up the top that I started making back in the spring and then took a long break from. I’ve now finished the front and back and have blocked them ready for joining and adding neckline and sleeves etc:


I’m also well on the way to finishing my latest bunny person which will be one half of a special two-part set:


The only trouble with having so many projects is having so little time after I go back to work tomorrow. Remind me to buy a lottery ticket this week…

Project wrestler: Finished!

Macho Man Randy Savage is finally complete! 

Crocheted Macho Man Randy Savage

This project has been a little bit of a mission, just because of the obvious difficulties of making something that needs to look like someone, rather than just whatever my imagination wants it to look like. 

I’m pretty pleased with the way it’s turned out, after lots of trial and error, but I guess the good thing is that in the unlikely event that anyone ever wants me to make Randy Savage again, I’ll know what I’m doing.  

My next project is a couple of dinosaur related characters for another commission… they’ve been requested specifically in bright colours so I’m really looking forward to that as I have some lovely vibrant yarn lined up and ready to go.  

After that, I’m doing a bit of exciting design work which I will reveal more about when the time comes.  

I really enjoy the start of a new project (almost as much as completing the one before).  Speaking of which, I’ve been eyeing up some beautiful fabrics which I’m tempted to buy with a view to making a quilt (machine-stitched so it wouldn’t take too long).  Not sure I can bring myself to stray away from the crochet… but we’ll see.  


I have finally opened an online shop

If you look to the right (and on the ‘about me’ page), you will now see a link to my first online shop.  There are a few bits advertised already although if you are a regular reader of my blog you won’t see anything yet that you haven’t seen before.

However I hope to populate it with a few new and interesting things in the coming weeks and months, including patterns to download.  It’s something I have never done before so I have no major expectations of it, but nothing ventured, nothing gained…

I have also added a link to my Twitter feed (see right) and a ‘contact me’ page with a contact form if anyone wants to get in touch.

And now I’ve finished all my crochet-related admin, I’m off to pick up my hook…

It’s finished! My first attempt at a crochet bag…

It’s taken the best part of about three weeks in between work and everything else, but I’ve finally finished my first crocheted bag.


I’m really happy with it – it’s been a good learning process and for a first attempt at making this kind of thing, it’s not bad at all.  Lining it was good fun – it was about time I tested out my sewing skills again.  I used my little sewing machine to stitch some of the pieces of the lining together but much of it is hand sewn – including the zip pocket and the stitching actually holding the lining and the bag together.  I love the fabric of the lining and there’s plenty left for other things.





Now I get to enjoy one of the best things about finishing a crochet project… choosing what to create next.

Getting ambitious (or ‘Impending disaster’)

As regular readers will know, I am currently working on my first crocheted bag (see earlier blog).  The main body of it is now just one and a half rows away from being completed and I really like the look of it.  I’ve just got the handles to crochet and then, according to the pattern, I’m done.

However, I started thinking over the past few days, wouldn’t it be nicer if it was lined?  So I’m going to have a bash at lining it with a beautiful Japanese print cotton which arrived via mail order yesterday:


At first I thought I’d just do a plain simple lining.  Then I watched the Great British Sewing Bee and my ambition grew – surely I’d be able to put a simple pocket into the lining, just big enough to drop my iPhone into so I’m not rooting around in the bottom of the bag for it.  Now I’ve got really carried away and bought a short cream zip so that I can put a proper zipped inside pocket into it, like a shop-bought handbag.  I’ve done a fair bit of sewing before but not for a while.  I’m sure I’ll find my way back into it…  and I’ll be posting the results on here when I finally get there.

While I was ordering the fabric, I spotted a couple of other prints that caught my eye, so I bought those too.  Now my plan is to create some smaller bags, which are much quicker to do, in order to sell a few.  I’m yet to try to sell any of my work but I think I’m getting brave enough (almost).

Here are the other fabrics – hopefully you can see why I was tempted into buying these too:



So many projects in my head – and nowhere near enough time.