Making things is therapeutic

It’s been more than a week since I last blogged – and it’s been a week in which I’ve been hiding away and finding a little solace in quietly making things.

A week ago today, a very good friend and work colleague of mine passed away after suddenly being taken ill. I spent hours and hours with Darren, day after day, and I never met a more committed and passionate journalist who was so much a part of the fabric of the newspaper he worked for. His heart and soul flowed through every page he worked on. Aside from his unique talent for designing eye-catching and bold front pages, he had a wicked sense of humour and bucket loads of compassion for those around him. I always knew Darren had my back and I hope he knew I had his too. There is a huge Darren-shaped hole at the heart of our newsroom. But I work with a truly lovely bunch of people who have shown a huge amount of support, friendship and professionalism over the past week – and I know we’ll continue to pull each other through while times are tough.

So in the sadness of the past week, I have been taking comfort in making a quilt AND a blanket. I’m sure Darren would have laughed at my granny-like choice of projects, and he liked to wind me up by calling it ‘croquet’ instead of crochet, but it’s kept me busy. I’m finishing the last bit of binding on my quilt and am using up lots of unwanted baby cashmerino yarn to make a somewhat garish multicoloured granny square blanket…





I am looking forward to curling up under them both.


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