Oh help! Oh no! It’s a nearly finished Gruffalo

Finally! I have crochet related progress to report. I don’t mind admitting I’ve found this particular commission really tough to do. Getting it to look right has been really difficult, and I’m still not 100% happy with it, but the Gruffalo is almost finished. He just needs a tail and some purple spikes on his back…


The fact I’ve found this one quite difficult, combined with the hot weather, going running more and trying to get a quilt finished, has meant I’ve been less than keen to pick up my hook lately. But now the fact that I’ve got there in the end will probably spur me on a little. That, and a weekend off work, may just bring back my crochet mojo…


9 thoughts on “Oh help! Oh no! It’s a nearly finished Gruffalo

  1. Tanja

    Adooorable! My son`s turning 5 next saturday and loves the gruffalo. I`d love to ask his grandma if she would be able to knit this one for his birthday party, but I`d need the pattern. Would you mind sharing it with me? Pleeease ❤

    Hugs and kisses from germany


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