Running stitch… and running

It’s been a few days since my last post. A good few days during which I have been off work and out and about enjoying the sunshine. I haven’t picked up my crochet hook in a week or so because I just get frustrated trying to crochet in this heat.

Instead of crochet, I have been doing another therapeutic and stress-busting hobby that’s not easy in hot weather – running. I started running in March after several years of very poor health. It took a very gradual walk-run programme to get me up to running for any length of time, but now I really enjoy it. And I’m much healthier.

On Sunday, my other half and I took part in the National Lottery Anniversary Run at the Olympic Park in London, ending with a lap of the track inside the Olympic Stadium. It was five miles – not exactly a marathon, but definitely a milestone for me. I got round in 51 minutes and loved every second of it. Next stop will be a 10k, and after that, who knows…


In between running and resting, and spending time with my family who are on holiday down here in the sunny South West, I have been making progress on my quilt. When I was simply using my sewing machine to join all the patches, it was a much cooler job than crochet, cotton being much easier to handle than thick yarn. But when the pieces were all joined, I moved on to basting it (with thanks to my friend Sarah for the good advice on using spray adhesive) and I’m now hand-quilting it. Not exactly a job for hot weather, since it essentially involves sitting with a double quilt across my lap, but I’m stubbornly sticking to it and making quicker progress than I expected. And, like running, sitting here doing lovely straight rows of simple running stitch is strangely therapeutic and stress-relieving.


It looks like the weather may take a turn for the cooler these next few days, so hopefully some crochet news to report soon.


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