The Gruffalo grows (slowly)

The unseasonably hot British summer is definitely not conducive to getting lots of crochet done. Sticky fingers and yarn and fiddly bits of felt and needles do not make a good combination. Throw a very busy couple of days at work into the mix and preparing for this weekend’s five-mile run in London (in the Olympic park, no less), and progress on my current project has been slow.

However, the Gruffalo now has a complete head, with ears and horns, and I’m looking forward to getting started on the body. I just wish it would cool down a bit first…!



3 thoughts on “The Gruffalo grows (slowly)

  1. Simply Knots

    I love this too! I can definitely relate to the sticky fingers and yarn… I HATE hat hate hate that squeaky sound that comes from using aluminum hooks (idk if the other hooks do it) when you’re sweating. However, this is the first year my almost 22 year old self has had AC and I LOVE it! lol Anyway, I can’t wait to see your finished Gruffalo. I think you did really good getting it to look like the picture from the last post!


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