Organising my yarn (finally)

Over the past few months, my collection of yarn, fabric, felt, buttons and all manner of other craft materials had become ridiculous. There were boxes and bags all over the house, stuffed to the gills with not only the things I actually use, but also old pattern paper, abandoned projects, tangled up yarn, scraps of ruined fabrics… and many many loose pins and needles.

On Friday, my other half was cleaning and tidying the house while I was at work, before my parents came to visit yesterday. I don’t think he enjoyed hoovering around all my creative supplies because when I finished work, he drove me straight to Hobbycraft and bought me two big plastic boxes to store all of my stuff in (after I’d had a good sort out).

So while we watched the British Grand Prix this afternoon, I sat on the living room floor surrounded by all my craft supplies and got them organised. I threw out one and a half bin bags’ worth of rubbish and then sorted out everything else. And I’m loving the results. He may have twisted my arm into doing it, but the other half was right – I feel better now it’s done.



2 thoughts on “Organising my yarn (finally)

  1. stitchesinlife

    The picture looks amazing!

    I must admit that my stash is also only organised in plastic boxes because my husband also got fed up of trying to maneovore around my ever increasing stash. Any man with the patience and willingness to accept a crafty partner is worth his weight in wool!


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