One bunny down, one dino-child to go…

It’s a beautiful sunny day today (a rare occurrence in a British summer these days) but we promised ourselves a lazy day at home today and that’s what we’ve had. With all the windows and skylights open, sun and fresh air streaming in, I have spent most of my day crocheting (while my other half baked raspberry and white chocolate cookies). It’s been really lovely.

And with all this time on my hands, I have managed to finish my latest bunny person:




This is just one half of a two-part commission (gifts for two little ones) and I’m about to start on the second creation. I’ll post a preview when it begins to take shape…


One thought on “One bunny down, one dino-child to go…

  1. Simply Knots

    Holy beans, I love your amigurumi! It’s so unique and adorable. I’m definitely going to watch your posts. I’ve never attempted amigurumi, but it’s so lovely to look at!


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