Fame at last… And some lovely new yarn

I came home from work tonight to find two crochet-related treats from the postman.

Firstly, this month’s issue of Inside Crochet magazine had arrived. And I am featured in it! I’m really thrilled to get a mention and as the piece says, one of my patterns will be printed in the magazine later this year. I’m a journalist by trade so you’d think I wouldn’t get excited about seeing my name in print anymore, but this put a huge smile on my face:


The other treat in the post was some new yarn that I ordered a couple of days ago in lovely marine and purple shades for a commission I’m working on. I usually stick fairly religiously to Rico Creative Cotton but I saw this Schoeller & Stahl aran weight cotton (Record 210) and thought I’d give it a go. It’s a similar price but comes in beautiful colours with some more subtle shades than the Rico. Rico is either pastel or rich bright colours and I think these sit somewhere in between. I’ve started using it tonight and it’s lovely. I’ll definitely be using more of it.




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