Evolving (with opposable thumbs)

This weekend I’m working, so my usual Saturday craft marathon hasn’t happened – but I have managed to make some progress on Mr Monkey. And I’m finally feeling happy with how he’s looking (apart from the fact he has no legs yet):


Making something totally new (I don’t use patterns for my toys) is always an interesting process as it includes a certain amount of trial and error. And through said trial and error, this chap has two new features. Firstly, quite by accident, he’s ended up with flexible arms – you can pose them and they stay in place. I think it’s because they’re a bit longer than usual, and less tightly stuffed. However it’s happened, I like it. Secondly (and deliberately), he has thumbs.


Tomorrow, after work, this little fella will get his legs. And some special personalisation. Then it will be on to the next one…


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