The beginnings of a monkey

I haven’t blogged for a few days because I’ve barely been making any progress with anything creative. I’d barely even picked up my crochet hook for three days until tonight – and I was getting a little worried I’d totally lost my crochet mojo. Sometimes life just takes over, and with my day job taking a lot of time and energy, and lots of running to do before the five-mile event I’m doing next month, I’ve had no energy or spark left over.

I tried to make a start on my next commission earlier in the week but I ended up scrapping it and starting over. I had gone down a more realistic anatomically correct monkey kind of style and it just wasn’t working… So in a sudden burst of courage in my own convictions, I decided to revert to my usual cute amigurumi style, like my other creations, and now I’m much happier with it. In fact, I think monkey has helped me find my mojo.


Hopefully tomorrow there’ll be further progress to report too.


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