A productive day of… quilting (not crochet)

Last night I started cutting out squares for the quilt I’m making. After a lot of calculating, scribbling and head scratching, I worked out how many squares I could have, how big it will be, how much wadding I’ll need, how much of a border, backing fabric etc etc.

So after all of that hard work, today I couldn’t help but start actually making it. A quick trip to Hobbycraft (or Hovercraft as we call it in our house) yielded enough wadding and border material, but I’ve had to order some extra wide fabric online for the backing.

I’ve now sewn together around half the squares, with the help of my little red sewing machine. It’s repetitive work and I’m having to be more precise than I imagined in terms of cutting and measuring, but I’m loving seeing it grow so quickly. Hopefully in a week or so it will be looking lovely spread across our double bed.


But of course I haven’t forgotten my crochet. My dino creations are sitting in a jiffy bag awaiting an express ticket to their new home, and as I write this, I have monkey-making materials sitting next to me, all ready to be whipped up into my next commission.


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