Parcel full of lovely fabrics

Today my lovely bundle of pretty fabrics arrived in the post. It took me about two hours of browsing the fantastic Eternal Maker website to choose a selection of lovely materials to make us a big double quilt. At first I was looking for pre-cut collections of fabrics sold as a package, but I couldn’t find one that I was really happy with. So I decided to choose four fabrics reflecting me, and four reflecting my other half. I also ordered a few patterned and plain fabrics to act as fillers and potentially borders. All of them are colour coordinated with nice muted shades of turquoise being a running theme. So here are the fabrics – and if you don’t already know, I am a journalist and a bit of a geek, and my other half is in the Royal Air Force, has travelled a lot but still loves a good old British cup of tea more than anyone I’ve ever known.

For her:





And for him:





And for all the bits in between:


I can’t post without at least mentioning crochet, so I will just say that I’ve made a tail for dino-boy’s dino costume tonight, but after an 11-hour day at work followed by a two-mile run, proper progress will have to wait a little bit longer.


4 thoughts on “Parcel full of lovely fabrics

    1. katescrochet Post author

      I’m pretty sure I’ll be coming to you for advice when I eventually start making it! Looking forward to getting the sewing machine out again xx


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