Crochet is difficult when you can’t see

Progress on Randy Savage has been slow over the past couple of days. Yesterday before work I had a hospital appointment to get something eye-related checked out. Two lots of local anaesthetic and dilating drops later, I couldn’t see a great deal and was stuck that way for most of the day. Work didn’t happen, my other half had to come home for the day and I spent the whole afternoon with both pupils looking like this (photo courtesy of the other half, who found it quite entertaining that I looked utterly wasted):


Thankfully, my eyes are back to normal today and small amounts of progress have been made with the crochet wrestler, squeezed in around the day job and a post-work run.

He still needs his belt stitching into place, plus his vest and arms but he’s nearly there:




2 thoughts on “Crochet is difficult when you can’t see

  1. Sara

    You could have done with borrowing Randy’s eye mask!

    I love Randy’s dreads and belt looks great.


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