Back in the game (with Randy Savage)

After a lovely relaxing week in Menorca with the other half and my family, I am back home and back into my crochet. I took the top I’m making away with me but actually didn’t do much of it. Warm weather, sticky sun cream and swimming pools don’t make for a good crochet environment. Instead there was a lot of sunbathing, reading, running, sightseeing and playing with my adorable nephew.

I arrived home last night and have spent much of today cracking on with my most bizarre commission yet – the crochet version of wrestler Macho Man Randy Savage.

I had made a start before I went away but kept thinking about him during the week and thought of some better ways to do the bits I’d already done. So I undid some bits and with a bit of trial and error, I’ve ended up with something I’m quite pleased with so far:


I’ve learnt a lot of lessons as I’ve gone along with this one, and at one point today I was frustrated almost to the point of giving up. But with just limbs and a few finishing touches to go, I’m pretty happy.


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