Wrestling with Macho Man Randy Savage

Early on Saturday we leave for a holiday in sunnier climes, and tomorrow we’re heading up north for a night with the in-laws, so today was my last day at home with my crochet for just over a week. In between a bit of last minute holiday shopping (essential toiletries… and a not so essential dress – oops), I managed to finish the front section of the top I’m making. It will eventually have a rounded neckline but the basic shape is there. And it’s given me a clear idea of how such things need to be constructed, so I’m already pondering ideas for some designs of my own.


The eyes I ordered arrived in the post today but it was only after they turned up that I realised I didn’t need them for my next toy project after all. As I mentioned before, I’m making a crochet version of the wrestler Macho Man Randy Savage, as requested by a mate at work. Here’s the picture I’m working to (clearly showing no need for eyes). Below that is a picture showing my progress so far.



I haven’t got far yet but once the beard and hair are on there, I reckon it’ll be recognisable… Looking forward to getting on with it when I get home from my holiday. With that in mind, the blog will be quiet for a week, but hopefully I’ll have progress to report when I get back… I’m definitely taking a couple of projects with me!


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