I’ve run out of eyes (but I have been yarn shopping)

I made a bit of an error this week – I didn’t keep a check on materials I need for my little crochet creatures and realised too late that I didn’t have enough eyes to complete everything I planned to do this week. I ordered some on Monday (I have to buy them online as I haven’t found anywhere near me that sells them) but annoyingly they still haven’t arrived. So I’ve had a forced hiatus from toy making today (although I did receive some tan coloured Rico cotton for the wrestler I’m making next – he needs to be massively perma-tanned and the usual skin colour I use won’t do).

I’ve taken the opportunity to crack on with the top I’m making. When I say crack on with it, I mean unravel the bit I’d already done (about 15 rows) and start again. My tension was a bit uneven and I thought it might affect the shape. It’s much more even now and I’ve done lots of it, so I’m happy.


I also dragged the other half down to the big John Lewis at Cribbs Causeway in Bristol this afternoon (about 40 minutes in the car) to have a look at their crafts and haberdashery department after hearing good things about it. I bought some beautiful Rowan yarns for the next couple of clothing / accessory projects I’m planning. Obviously Rowan isn’t cheap but they do some beautiful yarns in fantastic colours. I could have bought the whole shop. But I just chose two varieties (and noted down a few others for a later date).



Tomorrow I’ll be returning to the toys I’m working on (assuming the new eyes arrive in the post) but the clothing projects will be perfect for when I’m on holiday next week. The toys require so many different bits – different colours, stuffing, eyes, felt, fabrics, cottons, needles etc – that I don’t think I can realistically take them abroad to carry on working on them.

On another note entirely, I downloaded the Beautiful Mess app to do cutesie things to pictures. I am a big fan already.



3 thoughts on “I’ve run out of eyes (but I have been yarn shopping)

  1. Jane Skelton

    Just started a new project myself using Rowan yarn – check out ‘Claire’s Yarns’ website – good service and Rowan yarn much cheaper than John Lewis! Your jumper is looking great by the way!
    Mum x

  2. The Firefly Hook

    You have a most charming and lovely blog. I love your designs. I know three little children who would love your bunny and spaceman! I am going to work on some amigurumi designs soon, but when I see your designs I think “What’s the point- when there is something so DARLING already out there?!” 🙂 ~ Abbey (for The Firefly Hook)


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