Bunnies, wrestlers and dinosaurs

This week I’m on holiday from work and enjoying having lots of time to crochet. I’m working my way through my list of commissions, writing up patterns, planning new designs and stocking up on supplies.

I’m currently working on another personalised bunny rabbit, and once he is complete and on his way to a new home, I’ve got a totally different project to take on. One of the guys I work with has asked if I can crochet a wrestler for his nephew’s birthday. He sent me three pictures and I chose the one I thought I could do best – which happened to be Macho Man Randy Savage. I can’t wait to give it a go. The way I see it, creating these little crochet characters is like drawing a picture or sketching a caricature and colouring it in… except it’s 3D and uses yarn instead of pencils and paints. Once things are broken down into simple shapes and exaggerated signature features, putting together a design is pretty simple. All it takes is imagination. I am looking forward to giving the wrestler a go – it’s definitely going to be fun.

Following Randy Savage, my next commission is on a dinosaur theme, in bright colours, involving a couple of characters. I can’t wait to get on to that one too – I’ve got some perfect bright colours and a pretty clear design in my head too.

But before I get on to those, I have unfinished bunny business. Here’s where I’m up to (I’m getting quicker at these – and the pattern is fully ingrained on my brain now!):



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