This is ground control to Major Bilbo

When I first started making a top with a lovely silvery grey shade of cotton a week or two ago, I said to my other half that the yarn would be perfect for a little spaceman’s suit.

The idea’s been developing in my head ever since, and between bunnies I decided to give it a go. And since it’s my little nephew’s third birthday tomorrow, I personalised it specially for him.


My other half took pictures of him against the dark fabric of our sofa and I love it – it looks like he’s floating in space. Here’s the back (and don’t worry, Bilbo is not my nephew’s real name… It’s just been my nickname for him since he was born):


I’m looking forward to delivering him in person tomorrow (after I’ve taken plenty of pictures so that I can recreate him and write down the pattern).



2 thoughts on “This is ground control to Major Bilbo

  1. aurumeve

    This little guy is absolutely adorable and I love the other iterations on Folksy as well! Will be grabbing one for my niece, keep up the great work 🙂 Jewelry


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