A little bit on the side

Today was my last day at work until June 3 – I now have a week or so pottering around at home followed by a week away with my other half and my family in a villa in the sun. I’m already wondering what crochet projects to take with me and whether I can take crochet hooks in my hand luggage.

Before that, I’m really looking forward to having lots of lovely relaxing time at home, recovering some energy and doing lots of creative things.

I will be finishing off my next bunny rabbit tomorrow, but also completing a new little project I’ve started on the side. My other half has bought a proper old fashioned safety razor, soap and brush for a proper old school shave. Being a military chap, he has to shave every day (and do a good job of it). He was talking about buying a flannel to go with his new shaving stuff but I volunteered to make him a nice cotton wash cloth. Perfect excuse for trying out some new stitch patterns in nice even squares. I’ve not got far yet but this little bit came together in no time:



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