Crocheting the blues

So my next two commissions are both bunnies in blue. I made a baby blue one a few weeks back but made a bit of an oversight and forgot to order more cotton in the same shade in my last yarn order. I have since ordered it and it will be delivered tomorrow. In the meantime, I decided to try out a brighter sky blue to see what it would look like. I can’t decide whether I like it or not. I haven’t stitched the bright blue part on to the rest of the head because I’m going to switch it for the paler baby blue shade once I’ve got enough yarn to complete the whole finished article. Maybe I’ll do a brighter blue one at some point soon… If I decide I like it. Here are the two shades side by side. What do you think?



3 thoughts on “Crocheting the blues

  1. Lili's Brand

    They are such cuties!!! I love what you are making! And I know the feeling of your hand that hurts! You’re not alone 😉


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