I’ve crocheted so much my hand hurts

After the delivery of our new sofa on Friday, we’ve had a lovely weekend of much-needed relaxation and lounging in comfort. I was getting a bit disheartened last week with my slow progress on projects but I’ve really caught up with myself now. I’ve finished a whole bunny so that’s now four orders complete. I’ve started my next one, which is back to blue:


I’m personalising this one with a name on his tummy so that will be a new feature to tackle but I’ve got some ideas on how best to do it so hopefully all will be well.

In addition to the bunnies, finally creating a PDF of the patterns and setting up an online shop, I also managed to do another few rows of the top I’m making (the Wendy Supreme Cotton DK one), which is looking nice. I’m slightly concerned that my tension has become a little tighter since I did the first few rows (as I’ve got used to the pattern, I suppose) so it’s not 100% consistent. I think I’m probably being a bit picky… but I’ll see how it goes. I reckon blocking will probably sort it out once it’s done – it’s quite a small difference. But once I know it’s not perfect I don’t tend to forget.


The joints in my left hand are hurting a bit after all the crochet this weekend so it’s time to hang up the hook. Until tomorrow…


4 thoughts on “I’ve crocheted so much my hand hurts

  1. shantierfranklin

    I feel you about the hand hurting. I felt like that last week. I think there are some exercises that you can do to help relieve the pain. Maybe a stress ball could work to help strengthen the muscles in your hand. I completely forgot to look it up myself until I saw your post.

    Glad that you caught up! They are adorable.


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