Finally, a productive crochet day

After a very full on couple of weeks at work, I’ve got this weekend off and have managed to make plenty of progress on my little bunny projects. The little pink one is now in the post on the way to its new home. And I’ve very nearly finished this little chap, which is destined for a new home on Monday:


I have made this one by following the pattern I wrote down last time I made one with this particular yarn. I’ve followed it to the letter to make sure it’s correct and all seems fine, so I’ll be typing it up tomorrow and hopefully it will see the light of day soon, one way or another.

I had a whole new batch of this kind of yarn delivered today. Rico Creative Cotton Aran in various different colours. No idea what I’ll be doing with it yet but I’m itching to get started on some new designs for other cute creatures.


Speaking of cute creatures, one of my early creations is now the guardian of my other half’s car. He’s just bought a new one and a little monster I made for him now sits happily next to the driver’s seat. He’s called The Noggin:



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