The end of a long bank holiday at work

I’m almost at the end of an eight-day stint at work – including the beautiful sunny bank holiday weekend. Being in the office for 11 hours today and yesterday has left me feeling a bit flat and tired and the crochet isn’t exactly flying off the end of my hook. I’ve not had a great deal of time for it and when I have, I’ve been a bit too tired to count stitches right and not accidentally prick myself with needles etc etc. I have, however, managed to make the legs of my latest creation tonight:


I have one more day to do in the office before I have a day off and plenty of time to put my feet up, drink tea, eat biscuits and create.

Although I haven’t been doing much crochet, I have been researching future projects. I was thinking of ordering some Hoooked Zpagetti chunky cotton to make a throw or blanket, but it’s pretty expensive stuff and I can’t seem to find the right colours – the ones I like are out of stock on most websites. So I’m going to put that idea to one side for a bit. After all, I still have my chunky granny square blanket to finish and should really resist the temptation to start another one.

While I was browsing online, I bought some Wendy Supreme Cotton DK for a pattern that my other half’s mum bought for me. It’s a really pretty summery top and will be the first proper item of clothing I’ve made (aside from accessories like scarves, cowls, mittens etc). I chose a pale pearl grey colour called ‘moonlight’ and I’m looking forward to having a go at it:


I hope to use it to get a bit of an understanding of shaping crocheted tops so that hopefully I can have a go at designing my own.


2 thoughts on “The end of a long bank holiday at work

  1. Vix

    Good choice with the Wendy Supreme. I’m fairly obsessed with it at the mo, it’s lovely to work with and so so pretty! X


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