Slow and steady progress, and finding inspiration

Today’s been a busy day with work and there’ll be more of the same tomorrow, so progress on my latest bunny person has been a bit slower than I’d like. Still, it’s coming along nicely and once I’ve finished stitching the fabric patch on to its tummy, it will only need its limbs:


With the very noisy Cheltenham Jazz Festival in full swing over the road from my house, I may do some more of it before I attempt to go to sleep. The Noisettes are currently on stage – and on a Saturday night, virtually no one else around here will be heading for work at 7am tomorrow and thinking about getting an early night!

In other news, I bought the latest issues of Inside Crochet and Simply Crochet today. I love leafing through them in search of bits of inspiration and new ideas. A couple of things jumped out at me today – firstly this lovely star-shaped bunting. It’s early in the year to be thinking about it but with nice sparkly festive colours, I think some of these will be strung around our little house at Christmas time:


I also love the idea of this chunky throw made with Hooked Zpagetti yarn. I looked at this yarn when making my crocheted bag, but I decided it was too chunky and went for an aran weight cotton instead. It’s made from off-cuts of fashion garments and is between 0.8cm and 1.2cm wide, so works up really quickly into nice sturdy chunky things. I love the intricacy of making little toys and characters but sometimes it’s nice to create a quick chunky project too. I think Zpagetti might be my next yarn purchase, to make something like this:



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