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Wrestling with Macho Man Randy Savage

Early on Saturday we leave for a holiday in sunnier climes, and tomorrow we’re heading up north for a night with the in-laws, so today was my last day at home with my crochet for just over a week. In between a bit of last minute holiday shopping (essential toiletries… and a not so essential dress – oops), I managed to finish the front section of the top I’m making. It will eventually have a rounded neckline but the basic shape is there. And it’s given me a clear idea of how such things need to be constructed, so I’m already pondering ideas for some designs of my own.


The eyes I ordered arrived in the post today but it was only after they turned up that I realised I didn’t need them for my next toy project after all. As I mentioned before, I’m making a crochet version of the wrestler Macho Man Randy Savage, as requested by a mate at work. Here’s the picture I’m working to (clearly showing no need for eyes). Below that is a picture showing my progress so far.



I haven’t got far yet but once the beard and hair are on there, I reckon it’ll be recognisable… Looking forward to getting on with it when I get home from my holiday. With that in mind, the blog will be quiet for a week, but hopefully I’ll have progress to report when I get back… I’m definitely taking a couple of projects with me!

I’ve run out of eyes (but I have been yarn shopping)

I made a bit of an error this week – I didn’t keep a check on materials I need for my little crochet creatures and realised too late that I didn’t have enough eyes to complete everything I planned to do this week. I ordered some on Monday (I have to buy them online as I haven’t found anywhere near me that sells them) but annoyingly they still haven’t arrived. So I’ve had a forced hiatus from toy making today (although I did receive some tan coloured Rico cotton for the wrestler I’m making next – he needs to be massively perma-tanned and the usual skin colour I use won’t do).

I’ve taken the opportunity to crack on with the top I’m making. When I say crack on with it, I mean unravel the bit I’d already done (about 15 rows) and start again. My tension was a bit uneven and I thought it might affect the shape. It’s much more even now and I’ve done lots of it, so I’m happy.


I also dragged the other half down to the big John Lewis at Cribbs Causeway in Bristol this afternoon (about 40 minutes in the car) to have a look at their crafts and haberdashery department after hearing good things about it. I bought some beautiful Rowan yarns for the next couple of clothing / accessory projects I’m planning. Obviously Rowan isn’t cheap but they do some beautiful yarns in fantastic colours. I could have bought the whole shop. But I just chose two varieties (and noted down a few others for a later date).



Tomorrow I’ll be returning to the toys I’m working on (assuming the new eyes arrive in the post) but the clothing projects will be perfect for when I’m on holiday next week. The toys require so many different bits – different colours, stuffing, eyes, felt, fabrics, cottons, needles etc – that I don’t think I can realistically take them abroad to carry on working on them.

On another note entirely, I downloaded the Beautiful Mess app to do cutesie things to pictures. I am a big fan already.


Bunnies, wrestlers and dinosaurs

This week I’m on holiday from work and enjoying having lots of time to crochet. I’m working my way through my list of commissions, writing up patterns, planning new designs and stocking up on supplies.

I’m currently working on another personalised bunny rabbit, and once he is complete and on his way to a new home, I’ve got a totally different project to take on. One of the guys I work with has asked if I can crochet a wrestler for his nephew’s birthday. He sent me three pictures and I chose the one I thought I could do best – which happened to be Macho Man Randy Savage. I can’t wait to give it a go. The way I see it, creating these little crochet characters is like drawing a picture or sketching a caricature and colouring it in… except it’s 3D and uses yarn instead of pencils and paints. Once things are broken down into simple shapes and exaggerated signature features, putting together a design is pretty simple. All it takes is imagination. I am looking forward to giving the wrestler a go – it’s definitely going to be fun.

Following Randy Savage, my next commission is on a dinosaur theme, in bright colours, involving a couple of characters. I can’t wait to get on to that one too – I’ve got some perfect bright colours and a pretty clear design in my head too.

But before I get on to those, I have unfinished bunny business. Here’s where I’m up to (I’m getting quicker at these – and the pattern is fully ingrained on my brain now!):


This is ground control to Major Bilbo

When I first started making a top with a lovely silvery grey shade of cotton a week or two ago, I said to my other half that the yarn would be perfect for a little spaceman’s suit.

The idea’s been developing in my head ever since, and between bunnies I decided to give it a go. And since it’s my little nephew’s third birthday tomorrow, I personalised it specially for him.


My other half took pictures of him against the dark fabric of our sofa and I love it – it looks like he’s floating in space. Here’s the back (and don’t worry, Bilbo is not my nephew’s real name… It’s just been my nickname for him since he was born):


I’m looking forward to delivering him in person tomorrow (after I’ve taken plenty of pictures so that I can recreate him and write down the pattern).


Crocheting a space oddity

Today this little chap made his way to a new home. And he went down well, which is good, because I have a few more personalised orders in my list and I want to get them just right.


Before I move on to my next order, I decided to indulge myself in creating a new design – one I’ve been plotting for a while. And with the next fortnight off work to complete my orders, I feel like I can indulge myself a bit here and there. So, here’s a sneak peek at my first little spaceman. I can’t wait to get on with the rest of him tomorrow.



Bunny man’s back… And this time it’s personal

Just a quick project update before I go to bed… I mentioned a while ago that I’d been asked if I could make a bunny as a gift for a baby boy and personalise it with his name. I wasn’t sure how to do it in a way that would have the right impact, but I think tonight I worked it out, using a felt sash to give a plain background (a move inspired by the felt accessories I made for my Octonauts (see earlier post). It still needs limbs, but you get the idea…


A little bit on the side

Today was my last day at work until June 3 – I now have a week or so pottering around at home followed by a week away with my other half and my family in a villa in the sun. I’m already wondering what crochet projects to take with me and whether I can take crochet hooks in my hand luggage.

Before that, I’m really looking forward to having lots of lovely relaxing time at home, recovering some energy and doing lots of creative things.

I will be finishing off my next bunny rabbit tomorrow, but also completing a new little project I’ve started on the side. My other half has bought a proper old fashioned safety razor, soap and brush for a proper old school shave. Being a military chap, he has to shave every day (and do a good job of it). He was talking about buying a flannel to go with his new shaving stuff but I volunteered to make him a nice cotton wash cloth. Perfect excuse for trying out some new stitch patterns in nice even squares. I’ve not got far yet but this little bit came together in no time:


Crocheting the blues

So my next two commissions are both bunnies in blue. I made a baby blue one a few weeks back but made a bit of an oversight and forgot to order more cotton in the same shade in my last yarn order. I have since ordered it and it will be delivered tomorrow. In the meantime, I decided to try out a brighter sky blue to see what it would look like. I can’t decide whether I like it or not. I haven’t stitched the bright blue part on to the rest of the head because I’m going to switch it for the paler baby blue shade once I’ve got enough yarn to complete the whole finished article. Maybe I’ll do a brighter blue one at some point soon… If I decide I like it. Here are the two shades side by side. What do you think?