Second little bunny man ready for his new home

I have to admit, when a mate of mine asked for one of these in red, I wasn’t sure it would work. But I’m really pleased with it. I hope he is too.



I’ve got a third order to move on to next, same basic pattern but totally different colours and fabrics again. Looking forward to getting started!


7 thoughts on “Second little bunny man ready for his new home

    1. katescrochet Post author

      Thank you! It’s normal cotton which I cut using pinking shears with a seam allowance of about 8mm. Then I pin it into place with the seam turned under and hand sew it in place. The seam allowance needs slits cutting into it where it’s a rounded edge, makes it easier to fold under and still get a nice curved line. It’s very fiddly! x

      1. Kowareta

        haha that does sounds rather fiddly, but worth it, it looks great. I thought you might’ve been using some fusible webbing or something similar. But hat work really pays off; it comes out so clean and professional, very cool 🙂

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