Labelling, packaging and on to the next order…

With my first paid order ready to go, I realised I really ought to think about creating some nice labels and packaging. So with that in mind, I spent some time in Hobbycraft this morning. I had a fairly set idea of what I wanted and managed to find a few pretty bits and pieces which will be assembled into tags and labels for my creations.


I’ll be spending a fun hour or two with those and my new glue gun tomorrow. I intended to start today but we’ve been out and about a fair bit. I dragged my other half out to a wool shop in Newent that I haven’t been to before. It’s called The Wool Garden and is about half an hour’s drive from here. It was a nice little shop, stocks lots of Debbie Bliss yarns, very friendly woman behind the counter but quite pricey and quite small. I bought a couple of balls of Debbie Bliss Eco-baby cotton for one of the bunnies I’ve been asked to make. I love checking out new wool shops – and even though it wasn’t the best I’ve visited, it’s better than any that Cheltenham has to offer. I’m hoping for a lottery win so I can set up my own and fill the gap in the market!

After a trip to a farm shop, a nice lunch and a two-mile run, I got started on the next order I have waiting, for another person dressed as a bunny, but this time with a red, white and/or black theme. I haven’t got far with it yet but here’s a sneak preview:



7 thoughts on “Labelling, packaging and on to the next order…

  1. Hannah Ackroyd

    Ooh that packaging looks like it will be lovely 🙂 that would be my downfall if I went into selling my crafts…I can’t wrap to save my life! I would have to recruit my mum for that bit!

    1. katescrochet Post author

      Don’t worry – that’s not rude at all! After taking the finished item into work and consulting various colleagues, I settled on £12 (plus postage). I’d probably charge a bit more at a craft fair or something, but the first few paid orders I’m making are for friends so I think it’s a bit different. It’s so tough putting a value on these things x

  2. Michelle Phillips

    I love the amigurumi you are making and the packaging is complementing it well. It seems we are at the same stage with crochet, i taught myself late last year and have been awash with orders since and packaging is the one thing i’m struggling to decide on. Thanks for sharing and i think i will have to wander round Hobbycraft for a while!


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