A special treat arrived in the post today…

Just over six weeks ago, I stopped smoking. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while but my willpower wasn’t up to it. But this time I am doing very well and believe I have finally cracked it. My other half has also quit, and has had to stop drinking after developing an allergy to alcohol. We are both getting more exercise, feeling healthier and even better than that, saving lots of money. I have an app on my iPhone that tells me how much I’ve saved by quitting smoking as I go along. I’m already up to £180… So a few days ago I decided to treat myself. I ordered a set of great crochet hooks, which arrived in the post today:


I already had one of these Clover Amour hooks (a 3mm one) and really liked it in comparison to regular hooks. I’ve got some great chunky bamboo ones, but I’m not a big fan of regular metal ones. These are so much easier on your hands and the soft grip just makes it all so much easier. The full set cost about £40 but I know I will get plenty of use out of them.


I’ve already started using the 4mm one on my current project. Progress has been a little slow today due to work and running and sleeping, but I only have the arms and legs to do now which shouldn’t take long.



4 thoughts on “A special treat arrived in the post today…

    1. katescrochet Post author

      Thanks. It’s hard work but I think I’ve got to a stage where I’ve gone without for long enough that I don’t want to lapse and have to do the really tough bit all over again. And the extra cash is a good incentive. I tried and failed to quit many times but I think my heart wasn’t really in it. There’s no point trying until you’re really really ready for it I think x


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