I’m still working on my chunky blanket and I have no particularly interesting new photos of my progress to post, so instead, it’s another trip back down crochet memory lane at one of my earliest projects.

After I’d taught myself the basics of crochet by making simple granny squares, I went super ambitious and bought myself a book of crochet finger puppet patterns so that I could create a set of puppets for my little two-year-old nephew William. The first one I tried was a whale…


He turned out pretty cute but the crochet is nowhere near as neat and tidy as I can do now. I think he’s got character though. Plenty of others followed – including a penguin, a monkey, an octopus, a Martian, a monster, a lion, a crab…


They all went into a little box, which I personalised, and young Bilbo (my nickname for him since he was a very tiny premature newborn) seems to like them. He’s been known to run around with the Martian hanging off his thumb, chasing his dad with his ‘monster’.


They were great fun to make and I can highly recommend them as a frivolous but fairly challenging project. Next time I make some I’ll be trying out a few designs of my own.


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