Supersize crochet

Last week I went to the opticians after weeks and months of squinting and straining to see the TV, road signs, my screen at work and even my crochet. Turns out I need to wear glasses – and wear them all the time. So I picked up my new specs yesterday. The day after I finished making a very fiddly and complex crochet bag from a small print symbol chart, and the day before I went back to working on my super chunky granny square blanket with uber wool and uber hook that can be seen quite easily from miles away.


Ah well. It’s nice to be able to see properly and it should make the next intricate project I tackle much easier. In the meantime, progress continues on my blanket, which I am now determined to finish quickly so that I can move on to a few requests and commissions I’ve had since starting my blog. It’s not far off…


We’re having a new sofa delivered soon and it would be lovely to have the blanket finished and ready to make it even more cosy. My other half has even offered to help me stitch the squares together – military men are surprisingly good with a needle!



2 thoughts on “Supersize crochet

  1. Kowareta

    I don’t know about you, but I think glasses are often an attractive addition. I only have to wear mine while reading and gaming (and sometimes crafting if it’s small and fiddly), but my partner refers to them as the “sexy librarian glasses”.

  2. kathylashley

    I’ve gotten to the point to where I must wear eyeglasses when crocheting (especially using dark yarn) and my husband is like Kowareta’s partner! He loves them too! Wear them with pride! Plus sister, now you can see the yarn! Ha!


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