It’s finished! My first attempt at a crochet bag…

It’s taken the best part of about three weeks in between work and everything else, but I’ve finally finished my first crocheted bag.


I’m really happy with it – it’s been a good learning process and for a first attempt at making this kind of thing, it’s not bad at all.  Lining it was good fun – it was about time I tested out my sewing skills again.  I used my little sewing machine to stitch some of the pieces of the lining together but much of it is hand sewn – including the zip pocket and the stitching actually holding the lining and the bag together.  I love the fabric of the lining and there’s plenty left for other things.





Now I get to enjoy one of the best things about finishing a crochet project… choosing what to create next.


13 thoughts on “It’s finished! My first attempt at a crochet bag…

  1. Janet Pattison

    Hi Kate , love the bag it’s beautiful really like the lining too. Clever thing! fancy giving lessons? xxx

    1. katescrochet Post author

      It is the John Lewis mini sewing machine. It’s an absolute bargain at £50 if you only plan to use it for the basics. It does basic different stitches (zigzags, button holes etc), is very reliable and very neat and compact. It can’t do really really thick fabrics but copes easily with several layers of typical haberdashery type cotton. It comes in various cool colours too which is a bonus 🙂 So great for basics but it really depends what you intend to sew. x

  2. Ruta Gr.

    The fabric is awesome, I love it. The bag is also very nice. You are fast! Usually it takes me a lot of time to finish big projects. I remember I was crocheting a blanket for more than a half year (and it was a baby blanket, not a huge one or something like that) :))

  3. Vix

    Oooo, thanks for that. We were looking at the bigger version, I love the colours and don’t plan on doing anything too adventurous so I think I may have a little trip to John Lewis soon


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