My first crochet project (which I really should finish one day)

I’ve had a day off work today and in between all the excitement of food shopping, visiting the post office, picking up prescriptions and having my eyes tested, I’ve found a lot of time to crack on with the bag I am making.  It’s amazing how much progress I’ve made on it with a bit of extra time.  Doing little bits of it after work was beginning to make me think I’d never get anywhere with it.  No more photos of that one until it’s done now, which won’t be long.  Instead, I thought I’d post something about my first ever crochet project, in the hope it will inspire me to go back and finish it some time soon.

Like many others, I learnt to crochet because I wanted to make a nice blanket made up of granny squares.  It’s a good way to start because it’s simple, repetitive, and the results can look really good.  We were heading into winter last year when I first started, so I wanted something warm and chose four shades of Rowan Big Wool.


I love Big Wool.  It’s soft, it’s warm and you can work it up into something impressive really quickly because it’s so chunky.  I’ve knitted a few scarves using this wool, with 20mm needles (which is effectively like knitting with chair legs – and is great fun).  I bought an 8mm crochet hook, watched a lot of YouTube videos and after a few false starts, my first square was complete.


I really got into it and the squares started flying off my hook in no time.  I was determined this blanket would be ready in time for the really cold weather in January and February.  But before long, Christmas was approaching and I wanted to start work on Christmas presents – namely some crochet finger puppets for my little nephew.  So I took a break from the blanket.  Finger puppets led to amigurumi which led to new yarns, new scarves, new projects… and the break from the blanket still goes on.


The pile of squares did grow quite a lot after this photograph was taken, but I still need to do more to complete the project.  When I started it, my other half joked that it wouldn’t be ready until next winter…  incredulous as I was at the time, it turned out he was right.  Maybe I’ll go back to it after I’ve finished the bag.  Speaking of which, I’m going to get back to it – I’m at that dangerous stage of being so close to completing something that the temptation to stay up late and get it done is probably too strong to resist.


6 thoughts on “My first crochet project (which I really should finish one day)

    1. katescrochet Post author

      Me too – then there’ll be the small matter of joining all the squares together! It’s so relaxing to just do lots of repetitive squares though – I’ll enjoy it x

  1. beatesmock

    You finish sooner, if you take hook and yarn everywhere you go…… bank, hairdresser, doctor, toilet. hahaha You can wash it when you are done! I love tote-a-long crochet,as I call it= tote everywhere for a long time. Have fun, it will we beautiful. I love the colors!


    I offer my sympathy as I am just joining the squares on a blanket too, this is my fourth as I have made one for each of our children, Oh what a project it has been, I can’t wait to get this last one completed as my head is full of new things I want to do. But remember, it matters not, how long it takes to do as once complete you will have it forever.

    1. katescrochet Post author

      Your blankets are so beautiful – I love the variety of squares and the colours. I might have to tackle something like that myself once I’ve finished my simple chunky one (and the other half finished projects I’ve got on the go) x


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