Help! Yarn is taking over my house

As I sit here watching the Great British Sewing Bee, with its lovely shelves and cubby holes full of neatly organised fabrics, ribbons and threads, I’m beginning to feel like I really should sort out how I store all my various wools, fabrics and assorted accessories.  Over the past few years, I’ve built up this overflowing box of fabric, sewing materials, knitting needles and chunky wools, which now sits in a corner of our spare bedroom:


Late last year, I started getting into crochet – the wool started to pile up, along with a few books, hooks, buttons, unfinished experimental projects gone wrong…  and I started using a new storage box, which hides nicely under a chair in our living room:


That soon filled up as I got into Octonauts, amigurumi, strange little monsters and other bits and pieces that require felt, buttons, eyes, needles, a wide range of hooks… the list goes on.  Then my other half’s dad gave him a spare toolbox that he wasn’t using… and my other half decided to donate it to me for more crochet storage (although he insists to everyone that I stole it from him leaving him with nowhere to keep his extremely limited tool collection – you don’t need a whole box for one hammer, right?).  So my growing collection soon filled that too:



Since I filled the toolbox, my stuff is starting to spill over again… the odd bag of yarn here, a collection of new cotton there, a load of bamboo hooks and a bit of cashmerino there…




Don’t get me wrong – the house isn’t a tip, but I think my other half would agree, it’s probably time I started to do something more sensible with it all.


4 thoughts on “Help! Yarn is taking over my house

  1. Valerie

    What about using the yarn to make a nice “scraps” afghan? Then, at least, you’d be back to a starting point with the yarn. hehe 😉 I’ve seen some really beautiful blankets that use a different color per row.


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