The best of both worlds

After three very busy days, I had a tiny bit more time tonight to sit down and get some more crochet done.  I find it’s a great way to unwind when I have things on my mind.  It requires just enough concentration to take my mind other things, but not enough to make it taxing or tiring. Once I’m into the swing of whatever I’m making, I can watch TV or listen to the radio or hold a conversation while I’m crocheting without too much trouble (not that there’s a lot of conversation to be had in the house right now with the other half abroad, but still…).  So tonight I tried out another new stitch pattern from my book, which I’d like to use for a bag design some time soon.

A new stitch pattern in Rico Creative Cotton

I tried it out in an aran weight cotton, which I’m using in my current bag project, to see how it would turn out.  It’s super sturdy and the stitch pattern is really nicely defined, but it’s a bit on the tight side so I think I’ll use a slightly bigger hook when it comes to making something properly in this design.

A new stitch design in Rico Creative Cotton

To slightly ease the crafter’s guilt which comes with tinkering with other ideas while your current project still needs finishing, I also spent an hour on the ongoing bag.  The pattern’s really simple and easy now I’m into it and thankfully it’s growing quickly.  I’m more than halfway up the sides of it now, so well on the way.  There’s still eyelets and handles and folds and things to deal with as I get near the top… and I’m planning to line it with some beautiful fabric with a Japanese-style print… but it’s getting there.

Crocheted bag with Rico Creative Cotton

I have two days off work later this week… I already know what I’m going to be doing with my time – feet up, cups of tea, and lots of crochet.


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