Tangling, untangling and ending up with something nice

A few weeks ago I splashed out on two skeins of hand-dyed Malabrigo yarn.  It doesn’t come cheap but it does come in beautiful colours which I couldn’t resist.  I ordered it online as I’ve never spotted it in a shop (not that I’m spoilt for wool shops here in Cheltenham – but that’s a subject for another time).  Ordering new yarn online is a bit of a risky business but I was confident I’d love Malabrigo… and I did.

Malabrigo yarn

I’d never handled hand-dyed wool that comes in a proper twisted skein rather than a nice neat ball before.  But I learnt exactly how not to handle it and ended up with two tangled up messy heaps of yarn that took me no less than six evenings and a lot of patience to unravel.  I wish I’d taken photographs of the sheer horror of it, but sadly I was too busy getting mad at it to bother.

Malabrigo Yarn scarf

I decided to make something nice and simple since the wool itself is so lovely, and went for a simple circle scarf with random stripes of the two colours – Arco Iris and Prussia Blue.  In hindsight, I wish I’d ordered a heavier worsted weight as the sport weight wasn’t quite thick enough for my liking… but that’s the risk you take when ordering online.

Malabrigo Yarn scarf

Still, with spring and summer around the corner (eventually), I will still be able to wear this as the weather improves.  It fits nicely around my neck twice to make a snug almost cowl-like shape.  And I still might fork out for some worsted weight Malabrigo to make something a little more snuggly.  It’s a good excuse to try out some more of the lovely colours if nothing else…

Malabrigo Yarn scarf


3 thoughts on “Tangling, untangling and ending up with something nice

  1. Sara

    From a fellow Cheltonian. I can’t imagine what you mean about wool shops in Cheltenham!! We have budget wools, what more could an acrylic loving yarny want (hehe).

    Only a less sacarstic note it is a shame we don’t have a much better selection, I buy my yarn either from large yarn fairs or online now.

    1. katescrochet Post author

      I only moved to Cheltenham last year and was expecting nice wool shops – it just seems like the sort of place that should have them! I buy most of mine online now. I’ve also bought quite a bit from Miju Wools in Gloucester, which is a nice shop but fairly small.


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