It’s a bag, not a hat


After spotting a beautiful pattern from Japanese company Pierrot online, I decided to make my first crochet bag. It needed paper yarn, but after much investigation of how to obtain some and not a lot of success, I decided to have a go in cotton instead.


It’s the first time I’ve used Rico Creative Cotton and at less than £2 a ball, I LOVE it. So much so that I bought almost £30 worth in various colours after a bit of beginners’ luck betting on the Cheltenham Gold Cup.


The pearl grey shade is making a lovely sturdy bag so far. Although I keep having to tell my other half it is not a hat. It would need a big head to fill it if it was.


I’m already bursting with ideas for my own bag patterns now I’ve grasped the basics of this one. But first I must persevere and get this one done. Another week or so should do the trick.


One thought on “It’s a bag, not a hat

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